Dr. jur. Figen Saltas-Özcan   Lawyer


Ms. Dr. Saltas-Özcan ist a member of the Cologne Bar Association and focusses on family law and personal injury cases. 

Ms. Dr. Saltas-Özcan has studied law and received her Dr. of Law degree at the University of Cologne, Germany. 

Ms. Dr. Saltas-Özcan worked as lawyer in the law office of Graf and Bonn, Cologne and Hansen Noack, Pitz, Cologne. Ms. Dr. Saltas-Özcan founded her own office in 2002. She speaks German, Turkish and English.

She has published a reference book concerning family law: Scheidungsfolgen nach Türkischem Materiellen Recht (Consequences of divorce in the substantive law of Turkey), Peter Lang Verlang, 2002.

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